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The team at Big Foot has conjured up a list consisting of the pros of vinyl flooring vs tiles.

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

This is an interesting article to come up with.

Being a proud supplier of Korean vinyl flooring, you can be assured that Vinyl is still the better option to go with.

Layers composite for vinyl flooring

There are a total of 4 material sheets stacked together to form a single vinyl tile.

The layers usually first comprise a base, non-slip layer that allows the tile to get a good grip on the ground beneath it, combine with glass fiber to help minimise expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.

A second layer that showcases the print design, a third layer that protects the printed layer against scuffs and abrasions.

The final layer that is made is UV Coating that enhances resistance to colour deterioration.


The cost of vinyl flooring supply and installation is around $5 to $6 dollars per square foot. With tiles, it may cost you at least S$12 per square feet including hacking and installation.

The good thing about Vinyl flooring is that it does not even require hacking. That alone will save you a lot of costs.


Manpower in Singapore is expensive and installation for vinyl flooring is a breeze, thus saving you the cost of having to pay for more manpower. Furthermore, the vinyl plank has four side click and lock system which is easy to install. No adhesive is needed. Vinyl flooring would be a better bet when you want your house to be done in no time. If the Vinyl flooring plank is damaged, it is easy to replace too.

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